Illustrated Storybook Ages 4-10

 Are there power struggles and arguments going back and forth in your family? Do you have a hard time convincing your children of the benefits of whole foods? Ask for help from the Golden Grain Princess in this coming-of-age story! Try creative conflict resolution with a princess who has the courage to express herself!

The Golden Grain Princess reaches the age when a princess should receive “proper” education. The kingdom councillors have her undergo many stressful fashion trials, which eventually cause the princess to rise up against the impositions and find an out-of-the-box solution. The creative solution for the conflict engages all parties in a Golden Grain Festival that celebrates diversity and uniqueness. A transformative message about self-acceptance and celebration!

Through the allegory of the wheat grain’s journey, the story makes a case for whole grain nutrition.

It also challenges the addiction to "white" in foods and the over-valuing of lighter skin over darker tones, a self-esteem issue with millions of girls worldwide that the cosmetic industry is preying upon in marketing.

If the cosmetic industry has a marketing segment of 3 to 5 years old, we can start that early as well as educators and parents to give children solid foundation for self-esteem and self-appreciation of the unique personalities and bodies they have.

What readers are saying about this book

Kristin Famula

President, National Peace Academy, US

"Through the voice of an empowered heroine, readers of all ages are encouraged to honor their uniqueness and trust their instinct – all while using a challenging situation to create new positive solutions that work for everyone".

Mary Sebert

International Program Nurse Manager, MGH Global Health, Boston

"The "grain" analogy  captures important concepts (...)namely, appreciating individual diversity and uniqueness, understanding and use of diversity in food choices to enhance our nutrition, and how to peacefully resolve conflicts in diverse populations." 

Emily-Jane Hills Orford

for Readers’ Favorite

“Anagrania’s Challenge addresses very real challenges in today’s world in a delightful book that will both charm and educate the young reader. This little story is packed full of valuable lessons for both young and old. Brilliant.”

Teodora Czentye

Raw-Vegan Chef & Nutrition Educator, Romania

"Anagrania's story can instill in children a strong belief that old variety foods, natural and organic, are richer in vitamins and minerals. This is important to guide their nutritional choices in adulthood. Thus, any meal can become a fairytale". 

Diane Ross

Professor of Education, Otterbein University, Ohio; Executive Director, Forum for Youth Advocacy (FOYA) Uganda

“I loved the story but loved even more the way that you connected the story to the "real story" of whole grains. Beautiful watercolors and art work.

Brigitt Altwegg

Peace & Conflict Specialist, Switzerland

“With its metaphors, the story is both simple and complex at once, allowing the reader to narrate a simple story with deep meaning. The three themes of gendered body image stereotypes, creative conflict resolution and whole grain nutrition are weaved together wonderfully."

About the author

Ina Curic

Ina Curic is a gender & peacebuilding specialist with work experience on four continents. Her storybooks translate integral peace education themes into stories for both children and parents to practice together for increased connection, harmonious relationships within the web of life and healthy lifestyle.