Queen Rain King Wind - The Practice of Heart Gardening

Illustrated Storybook Ages 4-10

Appreciation song lyrics

We have news you should get

Love is greater than any upset

When you are sad, embrace your sadness

Until you see again the brightness.


After rain, thunders and storm

Good weather is back, it’s nature’s norm.

After a long loving embrace

The tears dry off anybody’s face


A small dose of appreciation

brings a magical situation!

Come as you are to the meeting

With the love that you are living.



We always meet to rediscover

The love we have for one other

We give each other appreciation

Then say bye in good disposition.


Story description

A story about watering the seeds of happiness in any relationship through appreciation. A source of inspiration to exercise daily the role of “heart gardener”, cultivating harmonious relationships.

 What is the cost of emotional disconnection from dear ones? Do you need help with dissolving tensions and arguments in your family before they widen? Learn one simple practice to take care of important relationships daily! Two elves visit Queen Rain and King Wind. They convince them to disperse the clouds and dry the tears in their relationship that were falling continuously endangering the life of bees.

Guidance, practical examples and joy journal are included for family practice of appreciation rituals. Add this to your family’s bedtime ritual for increasing harmony and quality time together. Through the names of elves and the interactive pages, the story introduces crystals and their benefits. 


The story included extensive feedback and testing from perspectives of peace work, Waldorf education, nonviolent communication, family therapy, Buddhist practice, and beekeeping.

What reviewers are saying about this book

Dr. H.B. Danesh

Founder and President, International Education for Peace Institute

"Full of gems of information and insight. It attractively engages children to learn about the mysteries of love, and the vital law of unity that makes life, joy, and goodness possible. A must read for children and their parents and all those who love the mysteries of life". 

Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Reader’s Favorite

5-star review

“Full of lessons for all of us, young and old. The book comes complete with a game to help us all through a journey of appreciation. A very useful and well-presented book.” 

Jerry Piasecki

Humanitarian Author & Founder of the UN Global Peace School Programme

“This story of a family impasse is outstanding and something almost everyone can relate to. The use of “appreciation” and the teaching guides are of great importance. (...) The story gives power to the crystals without promoting doctrine, develops problem solving methods without dogma and touches the heart with a gentle shower of compassion.”


“A beautiful story of friends collaborating through challenges, in support and love for all beings. It points to simple ways we can recover from reactivity and come together to hear each other’s hearts. I love the Heart Gardening. For many years I have seen this type of ritual be transformative in creating more happiness and connection for all. What a gift for our children and everyone!” Jori Manske, Nonviolent Communication for the Next Generation, CNVC Certified Trainer

Praise for Ina's storytelling

Trudy Brand Jacobsen

Guidance Counsellor, former Principal, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

 "Ina's stories are an excellent tool for parents, teachers and children". 

Kristin Famula

President, National Peace Academy, US, www.nationalpeaceacademy.us

“In all of her work, Ina has a gift for using story to examine the many aspects of holistic peacebuilding.  Her children’s books allow the reader to learn, practice, and explore – all at the same time.”  

Jan Oberg

Director, Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research

"In her new storytelling project Ina carries academic knowledge and international work experience to a new field: that of children and parents - with the added brilliant idea that both can benefit from the same stories and the processes around them where most have separated child-rearing and parental training."

About the author

Ina Curic

Ina Curic is a gender & peacebuilding specialist with work experience on four continents. She translates integral peace education themes into stories for both children and parents to practice together for  increased connection, harmonious relationships within the web of life and healthy lifestyle.

Visit her author website at www.imaginecreatively.com.